Maximising everybody’s potential – IPAR is a leading provider of Disability Employment Services

“We exist to make a real and measurable impact on employment opportunities for people with injury, illness, disability or disadvantage”

Welcome to IPAR Disability Employment Services. We help hundreds of workers and job seekers with a range of physical disabilities, injuries, and mental health issues to find the ‘right’ job across a broad range of industries.

With the client at the centre of all we do, we focus on empowering job seekers with decision making throughout their program journey.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessing eligible job seekers using experienced health professionals
  • Accurately identifying the barriers to employment
  • Developing tailored programs incorporating the job seeker’s needs and interests
  • Linking job seekers with our community partners for training and support services

What we do

We’ve been opening doors to employment for hundreds of clients in the North Brisbane area since 2015. Many of our clients may have been unemployed for long periods of time due to injuries or health conditions that had prevented them returning to their previous employment.

Our success comes from our experienced consultants working in partnership with each jobseeker, alongside assistance from specialist health professionals to identify the specific barriers to working, and then developing a tailored plan with our client to help them get back into the workforce.

We also provide our job seekers with support once they are back in the workforce to assist them to safely keep their job and improve their quality of life.

How we help you

We have a unique approach to the delivery of Disability Employment Services, which includes some additional service options on top of job seeking assistance to support your pathway into employment.

Our client centred approach to delivering Disability Employment Services includes additional service options such as:

Capacity Support Services:Delivered by qualified allied health professionals, these services are designed to increase your work capacity to assist you in gaining long term employment. These services are tailored to your individual circumstances, and can include:

  • A Functional Assessment to work out your safe thresholds for work related tasks (i.e. lifting, carrying, climbing) to assist us in working out focus areas for your job search;
  • Attending medical appointments with you to discuss your current abilities and limitations with your doctor, talk about other supports that you may require, and agree on focus areas for our job search;
  • Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists who can provide guidance and support.

Post Placement Support:Once a potential employment opportunity is found, our Sustainable Employment Specialists can complete a workplace assessment to make sure the employment will be safe for you, and they can also provide coaching to you and your new employer about how to manage your condition within the workplace (if you choose to disclose that condition to the employer).

The Sustainable Employment Specialists will also stay in contact with you and your employer to make sure you are supported, and can provide you with further assistance to help you stay in the job if this is required. We can also assist with workplace modifications, as well as providing wage subsidies for employers (contact our experienced consultants for eligibility requirements).

Our results

We focus on achieving great results for everyone involved, and this client centred approach has resulted in being a consistent high performer when compared with other providers.

We have been awarded 5 stars (out of 5) by the Department of Social Services on multiple occasions, meaning that we consistently get our clients into work, and help them stay at work long term. As detailed in our Quality Policy, we are focussed on delivering services that consistently meet customer and regulatory needs, and this results in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Importantly, our high performance shows that we have a positive impact on the lives of those who have participated in our program. Many individuals are enjoying the benefits of work after overcoming barriers to prepare for work, find the right job and stay in the job.