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We are a leading provider of injury prevention, injury management and return to work services in Australia. Our services help people stay safe, well and productive at work, reducing the impact of illness and injury on individuals, their family, employers and the community.



IPAR works closely with insurers, agents and brokers to achieve timely and sustainable return to work outcomes.

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IPAR and the Work Health Group ready to support thousands more people with disability into jobs in Queensland

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Feedback from our customers & clients

“IPAR offers the most extensive geographic coverage. This reach has greatly assisted us in supporting not only our metropolitan clients, but also our large regional client base. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of IPAR to any business that is serious about improving its return to work outcomes.


Positivum is a great addition to a return to work strategy. It reinforced for me that having a bad day, or feeling a tad overwhelmed is perfectly normal. We are not going to have a happy, pain managed day, every day, but we acknowledge our pain (psychological or emotional), then we leave and move on.

Max Mobilcom

“Again, thank you and huge praise to my IPAR consultant who took me from having to utilise a walker, looking at having to sell my home, and be dependent and miserable, to being very content, very present, and managing chronic pain with no medication.”

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“Being self-insured under Comcare brings a number of heavily regulated requirements. We actively measure current progress with claims and rehabilitation against these requirements. IPAR have been instrumental in achieving these requirements and for this reason, IPAR is my provider of choice.”

Doom Inc

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